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Our design is your strength

Our web development and design services range greatly depending on your personal site requirements and what kind of content you your site requires. We love a challenge and are always trying out new technologies. We specialize in Dynamic and Active content, E-commerce, Real Audio and Video, Java, graphic design, image creation, and much more.

Typically we have an initial consultation to find out about your needs, thoughts and focus of your company. We then delve into your company's product or service, audience and current ultimate corporate goals for both the on-line and real world domains.

Once we have our information analyzed, we draft out a plan that incorporates your thoughts and our own impressions as how to best present your product or service in your market. Our recommendations will map out a plan for your initial Internet presence and project out a timetable for additional enhancements that will address the needs and desires of your target audience. As part of the presentation, we will create a home page and sub-home page layout and present them to you in a prototype layout. There is no guesswork. You will have all the information you need to make an informed decision where to begin and when to start additional phases.

As we begin development, we will place your site in a temporary domain for you to see the progress and to allow us to work together in fine tuning your site while we continue construction. In the meantime, your domain is being registered, email formatted, ecommerce setup and a marketing program formulated.

Once your site is functional your promotional plan will begin in earnest. The search engine registration, a linking program and the rest of the promotional campaign we develop will announce the site to your intended audience and generate traffic. We'll analyze that traffic on an on-going basis through our log analysis program and recommend how you can increase the effectiveness of your site. Our overall goal is to continually work with you to increase your site's effectiveness and create a greater return on your investment.
Below we have listed some of our most common design packages, please request a quote if you would like exact pricing. Please select a category that fits your needs. Be sure to visit our clients page. Review our Design Options page to see what is available to you


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All web design packages include professional, original, and custom content that is designed to be compatible with all versions of Netscape Navigator and Communicator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Opera. Each package can be customized to your personal needs. Most packages include 30 days of our basic Webmaster Package and a one time free submittal to the top 25 search engines.

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You may also be interested in looking at our hosting, domain registration, and Webmaster services. Unless you have a ISP or host already for your web site you will need a host, if you want a address you will need a domain, and if you want us to update your site on a semi- regular bases you will need a Webmaster Service Package.

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