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Internet Scripting and Programming allows your site to come alive with dynamic, live, reacting content. We offer a wide range of services, including custom programming, installation, script customization, and consultations. Our team is always ready for a challenge, please contact us if you are interested in a service not listed.

Common Gate Interface (Perl)

Perl is a server based programming language designed for many kinds of applications, including Guest Books, Forums, Search Engines, Advertisement Management, Forms, Shopping Carts, Counters, and Random Content. Our team is specialized in custom CGI programming, and CGI installation and configuration. We also have built quite a few scripts.




Multimedia Content

Dynamic and Active Content allows your site to come alive with a full blown multimedia experience for your visitors. Our team provides custom publishing and development utilizing sound and video. See our options page for a list of elements available.


Database Integration

Database systems takes your site to a totally new level. With a database your site can become much more interactive and context sensitive. Databases allow your site to hold data such as product information, that can be searched, easily updated, exported into database software, or imported from database software.  (More info coming soon!)



Our Programming Staff can be hired at a hourly rate or by the project. We specialize in custom scripting, please send us an idea of what your looking for and we can help give you a better idea of our capabilities and prices. More information is coming soon, until then please contact us. or use the form located here.


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