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Listed below are the instructions for preparation and submission for Web Design. 

Please read all of the material included below.

This will only help us to determine your needs and desires for your pages. Any additional questions or concerns can be sent to us through e-mail or by any of the ways listed on our Contact Page.

Text Submissions

To assist us in planning and developing your personal Web pages, we would ask that you put together an outline of your needs using Microsoft Wordâ . If you need to use another word processing package, please submit the disks along with a hard copy of the material to us via the Postal Service. Listed below you will find a Datatronics Web Content Worksheet that will assist you in outlining the contents of your Web pages.

Formatting of text and elaborate designing, layout or effects takes time. Please keep this in mind when you are putting together the content of your pages. Make the content as long or short as you would like within the limits of 1500 words. Additional amounts of text may will incur additional charges. These Web pages that you send to us should be as complete as possible. Use your word processor to count the number of words.

Graphic Designs and Logos

The quality, appearance and ability to make a presence on the World Wide Web largely depends on the graphics and/or photos that you include in the design of Web pages!

You may send graphics to us in digitized form.

You may indicate where in the pages you would like the graphics to appear. Do this by numbering the graphics and highlighting that number on your page.

If you would like us to design or include a graphic that you do not have, we can obtain them for you.

Logo Design is costly and we therefore recommend that you obtain the graphic first if it is to be used as a logo for your company. These types of designs are charged for on an hourly basis.

Graphics are available that are not exact to a drawing, but entail the basic concept of your wants. We find this is a better route for our customers to follow.

Many graphics are available on the Web at no charge to you. You will find links to these on our web site in the Links Page. Simply download the graphic or photo of your choice and include it on your submission disk.

Keep in mind that the more graphics that are used in your Web pages, the slower the pages will load in a web browser and could keep the customer from remaining at your site long enough to view the page.

Please limit the number of photos and graphics per page.


Please review our PRIVACY POLICY.


Remember to fill out the


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