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On-line ordering has become more and more popular. Millions of people will order products and services through the Internet this year, and specialists believe that next year will be even more promising. To a business who wants to push their company to the next level Ecommerce is the perfect solution.  

On-line ordering and merchant setup can be very confusing, Datatronics Information Systems can help answer all your questions. We will setup your on-line store, provide updates and tech support, and add or update products when needed.  

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We offer completely dynamic and automatic Ecommerce solutions that include real time and merchant direct credit card and check processing, shopping carts, tax and shipping calculations, database integration, and real time product inventory updates. Merchant direct services are outsourced in affiliation with Quick Commerce.

As with all of our web development packages the first step in creating a on-line store is to have a site design and sign-up for a hosting package. 

There are a three ways to setup on-line ordering, they look the same to the average visitor, but change in the areas of security and transaction process. 

The first way, is called Merchant Direct Ordering. This form of ordering allows customers to make an on-line order which then gets sent to the merchant via secure e-mail, the merchant must then use credit card processing hardware or software to "process" and bill the customer. The merchant services must already be established through a bank processing Internet transactions with their current customers.

The second is more advanced and requires a merchant account with a compatible bank, Real Time Ordering allows customers to make a purchase on your site, which then goes through an on-line transaction company which processing the order in "real time", telling the customer if his/her order went though, they then normally send you an email with the order information, once you ship it they will fully process the order and directly deposit the money in your Merchant Account. 

The third way is perfect for small business who can not afford to pay monthly fees, instead you pay a larger percentage per transaction. Most on-line transaction companies charge this percentage based on the amount of each order, they will then send you a check or directly deposit the money into your normal bank account after the service charge. No merchant account is required for this kind of on-line ordering.

Listed below is a link to our packages for commercial business prior to the installation of e-commerce integration. 
Commercial Development Packages

If you have more questions about our Commerce Packages please contact us.

Note: Prices may range or very from the amounts listed on our web site. Prices were the approximate price as of the last time we updated. We reserve the right to change prices, packages, and refuse service to anyone with or without reason. Package prices are based around a six-month Webmaster Service Agreement. Prices are approximately 20% higher without.



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